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We're Sticking With CCEA - OUR Union!

Inverness, FL (July 8, 2023) --The elimination of payroll dues deductions for most public sector unions in Florida went into effect on July 1st when provisions of SB 256 became law. Like so many of our union colleagues around the state, CCEA members are declaring 'I'm sticking with my union' by making the move to eDues, CCEA's preferred method of dues payment. Prior to the end of the 2022-23 school year, the majority of CCEA members had already made the switch, and throughout the summer we're organizing to bring the rest on board!

 eDues is safe and secure.  Utilizing Plaid (an industry leader in account verification used by platforms like Venmo), eDues sets up a routine ACH payment that safely and securely processes the payment between member and union account. Our union does not collect or store members' bank information, and members always have access to their eDues set up through our secure membership portal (

eDues is reliable and consistent. Once set-up, members can be assured that their dues payments will drafted on time to ensure there is no lapse in their membership privileges. eDues are scheduled to follow the district payroll calendar, and because it is the method that most closely mirrors payroll deductions, members will notice little difference in how dues are paid--instead of drafting before the paycheck deposits, it just drafts right after!

An added benefit of eDues is that it won't drive up the cost of membership. Because any other payment method would require costly transaction fees or additional union time and resources to process, eDues is the most economical choice for alternative dues payment.

Getting EVERY member into an alternative form of dues payment is the first and most critical step to ensuring our union reaches 60% membership density in time for the annual registration with PERC (the Public Employees Relations Commission) as now required by law. CCEA is also beginning outreach to new hires and preparing for new employee orientation in the weeks ahead--with a goal of welcoming every new educator to THEIR union. Joining has been streamlined by placing the membership application completely online in the FEA Fast Track form. As always, new members are eligible for a one-time $50 sign up bonus with completion of the application process.

The deadline for CCEA to register with PERC is December 15th.

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