YOUR Collective Voice is Under Attack!

The time to get active in YOUR union is NOW!

As our members and the community well know, our union advocates for strong, vibrant public schools where students receive the support they need and educators receive the respect they deserve. Our UNION is OUR COLLECTIVE VOICE.

Legislation in Tallahassee (SB 256) threatens to restrict your constitutional right to collective bargaining. By eliminating payroll dues deduction, requiring a 60% membership density to maintain collective bargaining rights, and restricting union communications in the workplace, this bill creates unnecessary and unfair barriers to union membership for select public employees in the state of Florida. Ultimately, these provisions endanger the collective bargaining agreement that teachers and support staff in Citrus County have worked for more than 40 years to create and puts our guaranteed working conditions at risk.

Without U & I, there is no union. WITHOUT A UNION, THERE IS NO CONTRACT.  

Some of you have been dedicated also to your union and understand that we work hard to advocate for you at the bargaining table, behind the scenes, at school board meetings, at public meetings, and in your school. You know the value of your union. SHARE IT! Encourage your colleagues to be a part of lifting up our profession and strengthening our public schools by JOINING CCEA TODAY

We're a member-lead organization and we need member leaders like never before! Contact Victoria Smith, President of CCEA, to ask how you can make a difference in your union.

Together we are taking steps to ensure our union remains strong and vital. In the days ahead, our members will be called upon to take action and SOLIDARITY is critical. If you would like to learn more, attend our CCEA General Membership meeting (March 6).

Ratification Notice


Having reached tentative agreements related to salary and working conditions for the Instructional and Support units represented by CCEA, ratification vote shall be conducted September 1st and 2nd. Tentative Agreements (TAs) are available for review on the CCEA website (Collaborative Bargaining | Citrus County Education Association) and will be posted on CCEA bulletin boards at worksites no later than August 19th.  All employees in the affected bargaining units are eligible to cast ballots.  

Ratification Townhall

An informational meeting shall be held on August 22nd -- All Instructional and Support staff are encouraged to attend:

When: Aug 22, 2022 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

Register in advance for this meeting: 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

CCEA Announces Primary Endorsements

Following weeks of live-streamed interviews with candidates for local office, the Citrus County Education Association has announced endorsements for the 2022 Primary. The screening process, which included interview questions from other Citrus County unions and was coordinated with input from the West Central Florida Labor Council, was open to all primary candidates for local office.

The endorsement committee invited candidates to speak to their priority goals and to clarify how they might support policies benefitting Citrus County students, educators, and families, as well as our public schools. Recordings of all candidate interviews are available on the CCEA Facebook page (Citrus County Education Association | Facebook).

Based on their responses, the following candidates received the endorsement of CCEA's Local Elections Endorsement Committee:


TAKE ACTION: Address School Staffing Shortages

Citrus County School District opened the 2021-22 school year with 50 instructional vacancies and 27 classified support vacancies advertised on their website. As of January 1st, the number of job postings has only increased--with 49 instructional vacancies and 36 support vacancies advertised.

To put that in perspective:

  • 42 of the instructional positions posted are for classroom teachers
  • 13 of the instructional positions posted are for teachers serving students with special needs
  • 5 of the instructional positions posted provide critical support services for the neediest students in our schools
  • 25 of the support positions posted are for paraprofessionals -- staff who are intended to provide direct support for learners
  • 10 of the posted paraprofessional positions are essential support for our neediest learners

The impact of understaffed schools has been felt by students and educators alike. In a year so critical to closing gaps created by disruptions to learning during the pandemic, there is no time to spare. Without legislative action, the staffing shortage will likely only get worse as over-worked teachers and staff are driven to consider leaving the jobs they love.

Unfortunately, the legislative session ahead of us could be dominated by distractions that do nothing to address the critical staffing shortages that FL's public school districts are contending with today. Public education advocates know that legislators elected by all of us have the power to enact changes which could draw the very most qualified job candidates and help retain valuable experienced educators here in Citrus Schools. We must be the voice that keeps our elected representatives focused on the REAL problems at hand, and we must make clear that REAL solutions are available! That's why we're calling on legislators to:

1. Fund public education in a way that helps us retain the highly qualified and experienced educators and staff needed to support learning.

2. Encourage qualified, experienced teachers to build careers in education with the opportunity to enter into long-term contracts.

3. Prioritize teacher-led assessments and learning over high-stakes, state-mandated standardized tests.


Contact your Representative and Senator and remind them that as the 2022 Legislative Session gets underway, you and your family are counting on them to invest in our future by addressing the teacher and staff shortages in our public schools. (A sample message is provided below)

Find my FL State Senator

Find my FL State Representative



Dear Representative/Senator ____________,

As you begin what is certain to be a very busy legislative session, I am hopeful that the current teacher and staff shortage in CItrus County Schools is among your highest priorities to be addressed. Since the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, our district has struggled to fill approximately 85 vacancies--currently, 49 teacher positions and 36 support staff positions. This is a problem further exacerbated by a lack of available substitutes. These shortages result in over-crowded classrooms, over-worked educators, and limited access to much needed learning support. In a year when we are depending upon educators to close gaps created by disruptions to learning during the pandemic, it will be our students who suffer most as a result of these vacancies.

We are fortunate to have many excellent and dedicated teachers in here in Citrus County, but they are stretched thin and need help. There are things that can be done to attract and retain educators and to ensure our neighborhood public schools continue to be a point of pride for Citrus County. I am hopeful that you will have the opportunity to support these solutions in the weeks ahead:

1. Fund public education in a way that helps us retain the highly qualified and experienced educators and staff needed to support learning.

2. Encourage qualified, experienced teachers to build careers in public education with the opportunity to enter into long-term contracts.

3. Prioritize teacher-led assessments and learning over high-stakes, state-mandated standardized tests.

Citrus County is certainly not the only district facing serious staffing shortages. That is why I believe solutions must begin with our legislators in Tallahassee. I look forward to thanking you for your support!


Collective Bargaining is Our Super Power!

CCEA is the designated collective bargaining agent for all Citrus County Instructional, Classified Support and Professional Technical employees in Citrus Schools. Together we negotiate with the District for YOUR wages, hours and working conditions. Together we are stronger!

Negotiations for the 2021-22 contract year have been extremely productive and we will be moving tentative agreements to a ratification vote in the month of November. Every instructional staff member and every classified and professional technical support employee will be able to weigh in on the proposed changes and improvements to the contract, so take a moment to review the Tentative Agreements carefully...

Click here to review this year's tentative agreements!

Your working conditions ARE student learning conditions. That's #WhyWeUnion

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