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About Us

CCEA - Uniting the Voices of Citrus County Educators


Citrus County Education Association (CCEA) proudly represents the education professionals of Citrus County Public Schools. Our professional association serves as the designated bargaining agent, community advocate and collegial network for teachers and educational support staff across the district. Together we stand as a unifying voice for our public schools, our colleagues, and --most importantly-- our students.

Affiliated with the Florida Education Association, as well as the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association, we are a union of public servants. CCEA represents the professional and working interests of our members and plays a prominent role in shaping local policies that affect public schools.

It is our fundamental belief that EVERY child in our community deserves a quality, world-class education. As such, we offer professional development resources and training to support best practices in the classroom. Our members also directly contribute to the well-being of our students through our community outreach programs. We are also engaged in community dialogue to promote the needs of our public schools, because policy makers and elected officials must do their part to uphold the promise of a free PUBLIC education system.

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