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Proud to Represent Citrus County Support Professionals

Education staff professionals –identified as Classified and Professional Technical Support in Citrus County-- are valued and critical members of every public school community.

They meet the needs of the whole student, promoting quality education and fostering positive learning environments.

Education staff professionals ensure students achieve at their highest levels. They keep students emotionally and physically healthy and safe. They engage students and keep them connected to the larger school community. They provide instruction and academic supports, challenging and motivating students by maintaining high expectations.


Like their critical role in each school community, support professionals play a vital role in every part of the Citrus County Education Association. Site Leaders serve as the primary contact for addressing individual and worksite concerns.

CCEA and the Florida Education Association along with our national affiliates — AFT and NEA – are committed to elevating the status of all education staff professionals and ensuring they receive the support and training needed to excel in their career.

We know that many of our Support professionals have to work two, or even three jobs, just to make ends meet. This is why it is so important for all Support professionals to band together and make their voices heard both at the bargaining table and in Tallahassee.


Recently CCEA negotiated and ratified an economic settlement which will improve every Support employee’s pay by 46cents per hour. This increase is in addition to the step increases already applied in July 2020. Also included in the settlement is another $10 increase in the Board contribution to employee health insurance—thus ensuring that premium increases would not be passed onto the employee in 2021!

CCEA’s bargaining team invested several months in negotiating working conditions associated with the reopening of schools during the COVID community health crisis. The agreements provide for remote work options during quarantine, coverage of ALL out of pocket costs associated with COVID testing and treatment, and a $1.50/hour supplement for Support staff who are utilized as substitutes for instructional positions.

The Citrus County Education Association has represented Support staff at the bargaining table for decades, and over time we have negotiated a contract full of protections for every Support employee in the district.


You can reach out to the Site Leader at your worksite for more information and a membership form, or join online:

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