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Proud to Represent Citrus County Support Professionals

Education staff professionals –identified as Classified and Professional Technical Support in Citrus County-- are valued and critical members of every public school community.

They meet the needs of the whole student, promoting quality education and fostering positive learning environments.

Settlement Reached!

Following several weeks of ongoing bargaining discussion, CCEA and CCSD have reached a tentative agreement on the 2020-21 Economic package. The settlement utilizes the state’s Teacher Salary Allocation funds ($2.4million) along with additional Board funds to achieve a $46,000 minimum salary for all instructional staff, while ensuring that every instructional employee receives AT LEAST a $1,500 improvement. CCEA Support will receive .46/hour in addition to the annual step increase which has already been applied.

2020-21 Bargaining Review


Working Conditions MOU 9/17/2020

Establishes the expectations for safe and sanitary working conditions as schools reopen  


Additional Financial Considerations MOU 9/17/2020

Waives pay for performance for 2020; offers $1.50/hr supplement for Support providing instructional coverage; establishes criteria for athletic supplements in case of shortened season


2021 Health Insurance Board Match 10/14/2020

Board to contribute an additional $10/month to cover all premium increases


2020-21 Economic Settlement  10/29/2020

Through a combination of categorical funds from the state (Teacher Salary Increase Allocation) and additional Board funds, instructional salaries will be improved to ensure a $46,000 minimum salary with all instructional staff guaranteed to receive at least a $1500 increase; CCEA Support will receive 46cents/hr on their regular hourly rate in addition to the step already received; all raises will be retroactive to July 1, 2020.


Citrus Virtual Program MOU

Establishing placement in CVP positions; creating pay for additional period of instruction; outlining expectations for communication and grading turn around; limiting the number of course preps/teacher; establishing who evaluates CVP teachers


This year’s economic discussion has centered heavily on the TSA. The funds provided by the state are limited and must be expended in accordance with statute to improve minimum pay for full-time classroom teachers. Additional dollars kicked in by the Board can be bargained much more flexibly. In early September, CCEA and District team leaders met to discuss financials informally and to review statutory requirements, as well as to identify concerns associated with the mandates: salary compression, achieving competitive starting salary level, and ensuring raises are distributed as equitably as possible.

Get the Background on the Teacher Salary Allocation (TSA)

Proposal History


  • CCEA opens TSA discussion suggesting a ‘banded’ approach to distribution of the funds to minimize compression created in raising minimum salaries; the District’s position is that ‘banding’ is not allowable by statute
  • District’s opening proposal brought ONLY TSA funds to the table; would create a $43,455 minimum salary and a 1.1% increase for all others
  • CCEA requested additional district dollars ($1.5million) to ensure a minimum $1650 adjustment for all instructional


  • District’s first counter placed additional district dollars ($2.4million) to further increase the minimum salary to $46,000 and providing a $1375 guarantee for all instructional


  • CCEA countered with a redistribution of the district’s dollars ($2.4million) to achieve a minimum salary of $44,850 while providing a guaranteed improvement ranging from $1395 to $1895, based on years of service
  • District’s second counter further increased additional district dollars ($2.47million) to provide a $46,000 minimum salary with a guarantee of $1500 for all instructional
  • CCEA’s follow up request met the Board’s request for a $46,000 minimum while pushing for an $1800 guarantee


  • District did not return to the table with a response


  • District responded to CCEA’s proposal with $46,000 minimum and $1500 guarantee, plus $10 increase in Board insurance match to cover premium increases
  • CCEA opened Support economics with a proposal to increase all Support Staff (Classified & Professional Technical) base hourly rates by $1 –a total cost of $921,131


  • District responded with no further improvements; revised proposal establishes $46,000 minimum for instructional, provides $875 for all other instructional, and places $850,000 into a single pot to divided between the instructional and support units


  • CCEA countered with a request for an added $82,000 to ensure Support would reach 50cents/hr; seeks to add language that would clarify improvments to be retroactive and further commitment to collaboratively revise the instructional placement schedule to ensure new hires with experience would not surpass current employees with equal years of  experience
  • District agreed to take the propsal to the Board for review


  • Board counter held firm at $850,000 to be divided between units, but added language on retroactive increases and placement schedule adjustment
  • CCEA and CCSD reach final economic settlement



The Teacher Salary Allocation: What You Should Know

As is true of every year's bargaining efforts, CCEA is dedicated to ensuring all educators in Citrus Schools receive substantive and equitable pay raises. Each year seems to present a different set of challenges--performance pay requirements, Best & Brightest bonuses, etc--and this year is no exception.

‘Back to school’ like never before

In her September New York Times column, AFT President Randi Weingarten says that going back to school has never looked like it does now. Weingarten explains that because of President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus, which has been chaotic, contradictory and inept, and the lack of federal guidance and funding, we’re seeing a patchwork of school reopening plans across the country.

CCEA Hosts Virtual 'Meet the Candidates' Town Hall

INVERNESS, FL - August 3, 2020

In an effort to educate members and friends of public education on the candidate choices in upcoming local elections, Citrus County Education Association is launching a series of town hall webinars. Live streamed on Facebook Live, the town halls will be organized as a series of live interviews with candidates running for School Board, Superintendent of Schools, Supervisor of Elections, County Commission, and Citrus County Sheriff. 

CCEA Kicks Off Online Summer PD Series


CCEA is proud to extend an invitation
to our summer PD for personal and
professional enrichment. We believe
that in challenging times, our
professional networks become a vital
This learning series, developed and
presented by your CCEA colleagues
and Association Partners, seeks to
offer meaningful, convenient, and
ongoing learning opportunities
throughout the summer months.

PDF icon 2020_ccea_member_pd.pdf

FEA Responds to Governor's Pay Announcement

FEA: Tell us more about educator pay and education funding
TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Education Association (FEA) was encouraged to hear Gov. Ron DeSantis make clear that teacher pay matters to his administration on Monday. The governor’s announcement in Clay County was a starting point in addressing the needs of our students.